My landscape photography has two focuses that are extremely close to my heart: Scotland and the Faroe Islands.  The scope of these destinations, in terms of light, weather, terrain, heritage, geology and wildlife are ever-changing.  They always challenge and surprise the photographer in equal measure. 

My images capture iconic and picturesque locations but I’m equally adamant about getting off the beaten track to put lesser known, but equally captivating, gems in front of the lens. 


1-2-1 Photography Tuition

I began running photography workshops back in 2012 for those who want to embark on a photographic adventure. In my mind the best way to teach, and to learn, is to get somebody’s undivided attention which is why I’ve focused on 1-2-1 tuition as the way forward. This enables me to discover what photography skills you already have and where you wish to develop and push yourself. The ultimate goal is for you to capture the best of Scotland’s scenery by knowing the lengths you can go to, understanding your kit, the surroundings, the light, composition and the story you’re trying to capture in every frame.


Landscapes have power and meaning for people that you can only try to capture on their behalf.  One mountain can represent so much, and so many different things, to people from all walks of life. As a photographer I put my photographic interpretations of our nation before you.   Browse the gallery and find an image that speaks to you. To read more about my passion for landscape photography please click here. And if you’re considering 1-2-1 tuition please read more about my photography workshops. 
To find out more about my Landscape Photography please click here and browse my YouTube channel highlighting some of my exploits in Scotland and the Faroe Islands


YouTube Adventures

I started my YouTube channel back in 2015 as a way to show people what it takes to create my photographs.  I wanted to film my adventures share some amazing locations and show some of the struggles it takes to get the right photograph.

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