Family portraits

When you have your family portrait taken, you will forever be able to cherish the beautiful images. Years from today, you will be able to go through your album of family portraits and countless memories will come flying back.  Family portraits can show personality and be fun and silly! These beautiful portraits can be a reminder of the love and connection within your family.  


Congratulations on expecting your new bundle of love!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. We believe it is important for women and families to document this special time of change. Although some women are self-conscious of their changing bodies, we believe all women should celebrate and commemorate becoming a parent with maternity photography. Not only are these portraits the beginning of family photography, they are a wonderful way to show your baby how excited you are for his or her arrival.


Expecting is such a wonderful and exciting time.

With many things on your mind, it is important not to forget to schedule a photo session with a professional photographer. Newborn photography is the first component of family photography. It is the start to a beautiful album that tells the story of your child’s life. You and eventually your grown child will love and cherish the portraits forever!  Newborn shoot prices start at £250 including £55 printing credit and we allocate around 4 hours.

The Kids

We have a passion for capturing timeless portraits

Photography for children is often very tricky. Children can be squirmy, impatient and even cranky! We are not looking to shoot fake smiles. We want to capture happy and authentic emotions.  If we chase your children around and try to force smiles out of them, the portraits will appear strained and inauthentic. In order to capture the perfect shot, we ask that you be patient and go with the flow. We usually plan for 60 to 90 minutes to shoot.  As parents and professional photographers, we know how to capture high-quality, authentic portraits of children. Capturing each milestone in a child’s life is extremely important.