1-2-1 Tuition - My 1-2-1 tuition is a minimum of a whole day experience. Driving to a scenic part of Scotland and sharing the best methods of photographing Scotland’s changeable landscape in the most creative way possible. The day is flexible, adapting to the skills you already have and those you wish to enhance.

Secret Scotland - There are many popular destinations and iconic landscapes in Scotland we can photograph. In each season, in different lights they all tell a different story. Equally if you want to photograph something new, something unpredictable I can take you to sublime parts of Scotland that few photographers venture to.

Tales of Scotland - Every good photograph has a story behind it - from the face of a Highland Cow to the mountain range of Glen Rannoch. Together we can think about the story you’re trying to tell, the audience you’re trying to reach (from a print in your own living room to ambitions on the commercial market). We’ll unfold how you can tell this story using light, composition and specialist kit. Audiences are interested in what you went through to obtain a special shot; we’ll convey this in every image.

Light - For me the golden hours, when the light is at its richest in Scotland, are the hours immediately before and after sunset and sunrise. I’ll happily get on the road in the early morning or stay out till dusk so we can capture the best light the country has to offer. Throughout the day we can experiment in different light, and learn how to accommodate whatever the weather throws at us. Scotland is unpredictable which is why it’s a challenge but it’s also a photographer’s dream.

Kit and Skills - Depending on ability we can ensure you’re comfortable with the basics, including depth of field, exposure, ISO and shutter speed. Or we can hone in on skill-sets such as framing, lighting, and any other areas you wish to focus on. We can also discuss specialist kit, what’s worth investing in, what’s worth carrying up a mountain and what isn’t, and how to pack this precious kit for a day of exploration.

Choices - When arriving at a stunning setting, when everything appears picturesque and appealing, actually choosing what to photograph can be the most difficult decision of the day. I recently shot at Eilean Donan and the photograph I’m proudest of doesn’t feature the castle. Sometimes it’s about making brave choices, seeing things differently and seeing things your way. Developing your eye, your vision, is crucial and we’ll work towards this